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"We are so thrilled that we decided to hire Yal to help us with our search for a school for our daughter going into 7th grade. Yal was so attentive and took all of our concerns into account. She was patient and thoughtful. Yal really listened to what our daughter's concerns were as well and she came back to us with an extremely comprehensive list of schools that were in line with what we wanted. We are so grateful to Yal and her service and we highly recommend her." - Erica

"Yal was both professional to work with, and at the same time, completely approachable, and she immediately understood our needs. The process was clearly explained from the start, and Yal fulfilled our expectations, thoroughly researching and clearly presenting to us, several realistic options for secondary schools."

- Sara

"We started confused, overwhelmed, and deeply concerned for our teen's future in Israel, but with Yal's guidance and support we've come out of the high school search feeling excited, relieved, and hopeful! Yal has an extraordinary knack for really seeing you and your child. Combine that gift with her diligence and impressive attention to detail and you get an excellent -- invaluable -- product! "

- Elisheva

"Yal was a wonderful consultant to work with. She knows how to speak with kids and was able to organize all the intake information in a useful way. Just having someone to do some hand holding in this country is an important service, but Yal made it smooth and painless." - CF

"Thanks so much for your help and expertise. Our son is doing great and is happy in his new school. It seems like his teachers understand him and he has found people that he relates to and that appreciate him. The school definitely seems like the right fit and we would not have found it without your help." - Shira

"Yal's knowledge of the nuances present in each of the schools we considered was only surpassed by her ability to understand our son's needs, interests, limitations and strengths. She is a consummate professional with a caring nature that made it a pleasure to work with her. Her guidance made an incredibly stressful situation manageable." - LK

“You were very spot on!

You really encompassed what we were looking for.” MI

"Yal provides an incredible and much needed service that is a life saver for anyone looking for the best school for their kid, especially if you are looking to move "off cycle" - in the middle of the year or not on the normal switch over years. Yal's process works. It's downright magical." - Ruthie

"She has a unique comprehensive approach that takes the time to get to know the student and the family and looks at the whole package to guide her search. We were thrilled with the options we were presented, several of which we were completely unfamiliar with. Her leg work saved us many frustrating hours and we are now looking forward to our son’s next step in his education." - Elana

"We were delighted with Ya'aleh Consulting! Yal was really so many ways. Both us, the parents and our son felt Yal totally understood what we were looking for in a school and her report was really thorough, well written and delivered in the time frame we were promised. Yal has been totally approachable & helpful at all times. We recommend her very highly!" - Michelle

"Before we met with her, we felt lost about our options for our son, not knowing the system or the different schools in our area that would cater to his unique needs. Yal held our hands through the process, and provided us with a carefully cultivated list of schools that would be not just adequate, but excellent choices to suit our son's needs." - Chavi

"We thought we would never find the right school for our child. We were lost in an overwhelming maze. Yal literally walked us out of the maze. She is impeccably professional, yet the whole experience was beautifully personal. The quest to find the right school felt as important to Yal as it did to us. With sensitivity, compassion and thoroughness, we felt safe, understood and hopeful. We are immeasurably grateful and are delighted with the results. Cannot recommend Yal highly enough." - Ilana

"Yal was so thorough and so patient with us through the entire process. We wanted to make sure our son was in the right school and the level of thoughtfulness and consideration from Yal was so calming and reassuring. She spoke to us, our son, his teachers, everyone who could offer insight. It was such an affirming process. We felt that Yal truly heard us and our needs and understood our son and his needs. Just wonderful guidance. Completely recommend!" - Devorah

"Yal was excellent; patient, understanding and discreet. She has a really good understanding of how the system works so that you can reach the best solution possible for your child." - Rachel

"Yal was a paramount professional from start to finish. She interviewed both me and my son thoroughly to get a real understanding of our requirements...She also made invaluable 

suggestions throughout the process...She found us a school that met both our requirements and we are both totally happy with!" - JW

"Yal was invaluable in helping us navigate the process of finding a high school for our son. There are countless options available and we didn’t know where to begin. Yal met with us for hours to first explain the system and then to get to know us and my son and to understand our concerns as well as our hopes. She was quick and efficient in getting back to us with information and answering all questions and concerns. All in all, I highly recommend having Yal consult with you and help you in the high school selection process." - Chaya

"Yal did detailed and thoughtful intake interviews, a lot of research including speaking to several schools about our daughter specifically, and connected me to the right person in the school to set up an interview. We were happy at every step of the process. Yal is professional and dedicated. Highly recommended!" - Elisheva

"Yal helped us to feel empowered throughout the process, ahead of the game and prepared. She listened to us and our daughter and really understood what she sought- ultimately providing options that were exactly what we were looking for, that we otherwise may not have known about. She helped to make a daunting task feel much more manageable providing valuable guidance and assistance when needed." - Nechama

"We engaged Yal with a mandate to secure a list of High schools that would most benefit our son's unique needs that proved challenging but one that Yal was able to tackle in a most professional and deliberate fashion. We received a comprehensive list of High schools prioritized in a clear and understandable format. We highly recommend Yal's professional services for parents and students looking for the best set of choices within the Israel High school system." - ZL

"Working with Yal was such a pleasure. She was thorough, patient, dedicated and so knowledgeable. Her research is incredibly comprehensive and left us with the ability to make a confident and comfortable decision for our child." - Nikki

"She's thorough, helpful, calm and totally not judgmental. I felt we had someone totally on our team who would go to tremendous efforts for us. She guided us through the process of contacting the schools as well as signing up for open days or getting interviews. She encouraged us to look at each option with an open mind. It made it so much easier contacting a school who already knew about us and moving forward from that point...It's been a pleasure and a relief!" - BC

"We were really at a point where we didn't know what to do for my son. An amazing kid with so many strengths and a touch of ADD. Yal really saved the day. She really and truly LISTENED to us, to understand what we were looking for, what my son was hoping for and what would be best for him. We are thrilled that he was accepted into a truly out of the box program that bezrat HaShem will suit him perfectly! It really ticks every single one of our boxes and my son is truly excited to start school!" - AR

"We turned to Yal for expert professional advice in the search for the right Ulpana for our daughter. As Olim, the world of boarding school was alien to us let alone navigating the different types of schools. Yal was great when learning about our requirements as parents and also engaging with our daughter too. She came up with a comprehensive list based on solid research and conversations with all the schools. Yal outlined all the pros and cons for each school aligned with our requirements. Our daughter got her first choice and Yal was responsive both during and post engagement with us. This was a much needed professional service which we highly recommend!" - Sara

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