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Here are just some of the teens Ya'aleh has found the best school options for...

"My son is struggling academically in his current school. They haven’t asked him to leave but it’s clearly not the right place for him. He already receives 3 hours of help a week but the rest of the time he is in a class of 37 kids! Looking for a school with smaller classes, less pressure, less hours and less frontal learning. He struggles socially and even though we have been here for many years his Hebrew is still on a low level. He needs a nurturing, supportive school with friendly kids and caring and helpful teachers. "

"My daughter is a strong student academically and also very artistic. She would like to study Science and Art without needing to choose between the two. She is mature and also very sensitive. It’s important for her to be in a well run school with friendly girls. The school should be open minded and encourage their students to have careers."

"My son is a good kid. He has learning issues which his school is not able or willing to accomodate. The day is too long and the style of teaching is not engaging. He needs a school that will take into account his learning issues, be supportive and play to his strengths."

"I am looking for a high school for my daughter going into 9th grade. She is a very strong student and I want a school that has an excellent academic program. She is also very artistically talented so the school should  enable her to develop in these areas. Not looking for a high pressure environment as she experiences low level anxiety. She wants somewhere friendly where they aren’t strict about the dress code."

"We made Aliya a couple of years ago and my son is still struggling with the Hebrew. I am looking for a school that has experience with Olim and ideally offers Ulpan or Hebrew enrichment. He also has some mild learning challenges so the school would need to be understanding, accommodating and offer some kind of tutoring. He is very sociable and loves participating in activities so there should be a rich extra curriculum program."

"My son is an excellent student. He is on track for 5 point Math and a science major. I want a school for him that provides lots of exciting academic challenges. He is competitive and thrives in that kind of environment. He is quite a homebody and not very sociable so I am looking for a day school where all the extra curricular is built into the schedule. "

"I need to find a high school that will accommodate my daughter’s unique needs. She is smart but has the challenges of ADHD and ODD as well as some mild learning challenges. This impacts nearly every aspect of the school day! Our priority is finding a school that can accommodate her behaviorally and emotionally. The school needs to be loving and caring at the same time as providing very clear boundaries. My child has a lot of strengths but needs the right environment in order for them to be appreciated. "

"We are planning on making Aliya with our son who is going into 11th grade. He is a gifted student on track to complete High school Math by the end of this year (10th). He loves learning and is also extremely creative. The school must be highly challenging. We want him to be in a school where he can continue to shine academically. My son wants a warm and personal environment with very dedicated teachers. "

"We are looking for a school for our son going into 7th grade. He is a gifted student and we want him to have incredible opportunities in school so he can maximize his potential. Unfortunately he has also suffered from bullying in the past so it is very important to us that the school keeps an eye on the social dynamics in the class and works with all the students on developing sensitivity and positive social awareness."

"Looking at making Aliyah with our son who will be in 10th grade. He is Double Exceptional. Very smart whilst having the challenges of ADHD and Dysgraphia. He needs to be challenged academically in order to stay engaged. We are looking for a school that can work on executive functioning as well as being encouraging and supportive. He appreciates flexibility, choice and leadership opportunities."

"I am relocating to another part of the country and have no clue what the school options are in the area. My daughter is a good student with a strong creative side. I am looking for a school that nurtures the whole child so can she grow and develop in all areas. It’s important that the school she goes to addresses her academic and emotional needs. I want the school to have a wide range of students and encourage free expression."

"My daughter has anxiety and suffers mild panic attacks at school. She is overall depressed. She is seeing a therapist and we are looking into medication. The overall consensus is that she is not in the right school. I need to find her a place that has the experience, tools and understanding to work with her. She is smart and capable of getting a full bagrut. With the added challenge of ADHD, she studies best in small groups but will overall benefit from a shorter school day with a focused curriculum. Ideal if the school provides some therapeutic activities. She needs a school that will rebuild her self esteem!"

"My son is a great kid, he is just in the wrong environment. This is a kid who builds computers in his spare time! Very intelligent and creative. He has dyslexia and his new school has simply refused to recognize this diagnosis and accomodate him in classes and tests. The school's attitude has led the teachers to view my son in a negative way, making it so hard for him to succeed. I don't know how to find out about school options. I need to find something for this coming year because my son hates going to school now!"

"My daughter is well behaved, well liked by teachers and fellow students. She developed anxiety to the extent that I pulled her out of school. She wants to go back to school but I am very concerned to send her to a place that will not know how to handle her anxiety and help her transition back to a framework. That said, I would also love for this school to offer full bagrut and lots of sports. I have heard of a couple of places but I don't actually know anything about them and don't how to look into them properly. Maybe there are other schools out there that I don't know about."

"I don't understand what is going on with my son. He is an intelligent boy but he keeps on getting into trouble at school. He spends all day in power struggles with the teachers and then carries on when he gets home. I am always getting calls from the school and he has been suspended a couple of times. It is clearly not the right environment for him but I don't really understand what he needs from a school and I certainly don't know how to network to find an out of the box place. I'm worried he will end up dropping out of school. This is an incredibly stressful situation!"

"My daughter has left the Chareidi school system. We are confused about how to meet her emotional, religious and academic needs. There are so many factors to consider and we just don't know how to make sense of them. We have names of a few places but they're just names. We don't know how to look into them effectively and also what else is out there. I am feeling overwhelmed and have no time for my other kids. I need somone to step in to the situation, hold our hand and help us find the right school for her."

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